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Electronics Hardware Design

Whether updating existing PCB designs or creating them from scratch, our team of hardware specialists use Altium and other best-in-class tools to deliver custom fit solutions for your business; you’d also be pleased with our capability to deliver rapid conceptual prototypes.


At Evotronix, we can take your electronics hardware design from concept, to specification, and then on to high-level design, development and integration, then comprehensive verification and documentation. There’s significantly more to PCB layout than simply placing parts and making connections. Here at Evotronix, we offer a complete buffet of electronic design and engineering services, including engineering consulting, aimed at supporting you bringing your electronic products to market quickly and efficiently.

We’d often work with customers to bring the various components of a system together. This may include hardware & software integration, electronics hardware prototyping, FPGA design, as well as technical issue tracking and resolution. For all of our electronic hardware design projects, we strive to implement a comprehensive verification program to ensure the design meets requirements outlined in your project definition.

In the electronics industry, time-to-market is crucial and many companies need engineering services to tackle specific challenges and move their product development process forward. Our team of electronics design engineers would provide you the skills needed to quickly get over technical hurdles and push products out to market.


At Evotronix we’re able to actively listen and understand your needs, and our electronics team can deliver results custom-tailored to your specific and unique business requirements. With extensive experience working with leading electronics component firms and equipment producers, our knowledge will ensure your initial concepts are efficiently translated to successful electronic products. The structured and disciplined design approach used at Evotronix ensures a high probability of eliminating design errors, thereby ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency resulting ultimately in faster time-to-market for your custom products.

Communication between Evotronix team members and our customer is open and transparent throughout the design process. We seek to collaboratively work with our customers and to operate as a natural extension of your in-house engineering design department.


Evotronix also specializes in delivering engineering services related to digital signal processing, digital telecommunications, and digital measurement & control systems. We offer an experienced and high-quality engineering development team. We accept contract development orders for services ranging from signal processing algorithm simulation and development, FPGA development for high-speed signal processing, and design/development of DSP/MCU firmware. 

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design projects are becoming increasingly challenging in the electronics industry and many businesses want help from experienced DSP consultants. Increased systems complexity coupled with strict performance targets, often make it difficult for companies to launch electronic products to market quickly and effectively.

Our range of digital signal processing design services include:

  • Architecture definition
  • Algorithm development
  • Digital Signal Processing design review
  • Co-processing, device and system partitioning
  • MATLAB and Simulink simulation
  • FPGA implementation
  • Verification and debugging

Why Evotronix?

Evotronix was founded on the principle that building lasting partnerships with our clients is the best way to ensure your success in measurable ways. We believe in working together to create actionable and sustainable strategies based on your business goals, to help you tap into new growth opportunities and provide you the tools, methodologies, and capabilities for enduring success.