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Embedded Systems Engineering

We can help you meet stringent safety-critical standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. Our expertise spans both MPU and MMU architectures, and covers a wide range of the ARM processors from the ARM Cortex R series R4 thru R52, the ARM Cortex M series M0 thru M7, and the ARM Cortex A series A5 thru A77. Even when a specific chip is not available we are able to develop using FPGA prototyping boards.


Embedded systems typically are combinations of hardware and software designed to perform specific, pre-defined tasks within a larger mechanical or electrical system. Unlike general computing systems, embedded systems often require low power consumption, must function within rugged operating ranges, are small in size and must achieve a lower cost per unit.  These performance constraints often result in limited processing resources and create additional design and programming challenges for embedded systems engineers. 

Embedded processors enable many aspects of these engineering deliverables.  Our expertise in the following ARM processor families, across both MMU and MPU architectures, is one of our core strengths:

  • ARM Cortex A series (A5 thru A77)
  • ARM Cortex R series (R4 thru R52)
  • ARM Cortex M series (M0 thru M77)


When you choose Evotronix to help you with your embedded systems project or IoT application, you’ll find a listening ear and be presented with high-quality pragmatic value added solutions.

Our capability to deliver high-quality products is rooted in our deep domain experience. Our experience spans multiple platforms, from embedded Linux down to bare metal micro-controllers. We have extensive experience developing C/C++ firmware, Python scripts, serial communication applications, custom HMI solutions, data acquisition systems, custom boot loaders, USB device drivers, and even PLC ladder logic programs. 

We have experience working with many different programmable controllers, including:

  • STW controllers
  • Bosch controllers
  • IFM controllers
  • DeltaTau factory automation controllers
  • Rockwell PLCs

We can provide expertise regarding wireless IoT solutions. We have experience in various industries including automotive, defense, industrial automation, and much more. In the field of embedded systems and IoT application development, time is of essence in getting your product to market, but quality is also critical.


We are not just firmware developers; we can implement several different types of embedded development projects. We have proven skills and expertise in firmware and embedded software design, and project management processes.

Our specialties include:

  • BSP development 
  • AWS integration for embedded applications
  • Boot time optimization
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for embedded systems
  • Embedded Linux consulting services
  • Embedded systems security 
  • Linux drivers development
  • Platform maintenance and customization

Why Evotronix?

Evotronix was founded on the principle that building lasting partnerships with our clients is the best way to ensure your success in measurable ways. We believe in working together to create actionable and sustainable strategies based on your business goals, to help you tap into new growth opportunities and provide you the tools, methodologies, and capabilities for enduring success.