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Electronics Testing

From NI (National Instruments), to SpeedGoat, to DSpace, and more, we have worked with multiple flavours of Hardware-In-the-Loop testing equipment on multiple different programmable controllers from STW, Bosch, IFM, DeltaTau, Rockwell, and others.


At Evotronix, we firmly believe that a major key to success is performing component-level electronics testing at strategic points of the development process. Our electronics testing process addresses five key aspects: 

  • functionality
  • usability
  • reliability
  • performance 
  • supportability

This fits in with our overall business model because it helps deliver quality electronic components, makes sure our clients are satisfied and ensures a long-term business relationship. Beyond straightforward electronics testing we equally firmly believe in managing the quality of the manufacturing process, and we deploy the latest cutting edge process management methodologies to ensure you get deliverables of consistently high quality.


At Evotronix we have experience developing test automation systems and related fixtures for testing various types of embedded controllers. We have experience with several proprietary OEM controllers, as well as off the shelf ones from IFM, STW, Bosch and others. On the physical layer, test automation systems typically reside on a Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation (HILS) environment; we have solid experience working with major players in that space: 

  • National Instruments
  • SpeedGoat
  • DSpace
  • and well as others…

The core of great test automation systems are modular flexible designs that can adapt to various or changing HILS environments. Evotrinix is an advanced application development company.  Our largest strengths are in our capabilities to work with several of the leading HILS software and related tools such as MathWorks Simulink/Stateflow, NI TestStand, and Vector CAN analysis tools. We know how to build modular and flexible designs. Our team can work with most platforms and client systems to develop new systems, or modernize or repair existing software.


Whereas most test automation firms typically focus on either web technologies (i.e., Selenium / Wildfire / Cypress) or embedded technologies, at Evotronix, we have strong background and experience across a comprehensive range of test automation applications: web, mobile automation as well as embedded testing application (NI / SpeedGoat / DSpace). Our engineers are well versed in several languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, C# and C/C++). Our experience enables us to efficiently build high-quality test automation systems. We have within our team expertise with Windows as well as with RTOS and Linux environments. When it comes to test automation systems, we can offer custom solutions for:

  • Web services APIs testing
  • Comprehensive Functional and Performance tests
  • Configuration and Data Driven support.
  • Embedded IOT Testing
  • Communications protocols testing
  • C or Python based scripts
  • IOT Security Testing
  • Customized Solutions

Every project can be unique and different. Contact us and we can come up with a pragmatic solution for your test automation needs.

Why Evotronix?

Evotronix was founded on the principle that building lasting partnerships with our clients is the best way to ensure your success in measurable ways. We believe in working together to create actionable and sustainable strategies based on your business goals, to help you tap into new growth opportunities and provide you the tools, methodologies, and capabilities for enduring success.