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Software Validation & Verification

We can help you attain the high standards of quality you want, especially when required for safety-critical systems. Proper validation and verification of software can be core aspects of the ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards compliance efforts. We can also help you establish traceability processes to achieve industry certification.

Quality Assurance & Certification Support

At Evotronix we prize our capability for finding problems early in the development process; that translates to less costly rework efforts, and to a smoother path towards achieving product quality assurance (QA) certifications. Software validation & verification are critical steps during the lifecycle of a software development project, and are core components of any credible QA program. Evotronix can help with establishing or enhancing your corporate QA program to support the certification objectives of your business.

Being audit-ready for QA inspections is also important to achieving industry-recognized quality certifications. To pass certification, your systems should be ready tested to IEC, ISO and other recognized industry standards pertaining to your field. Software artifacts across multiple development phases may be required to be maintained for supporting your certification objectives.  Our range of software validation and verification services covers:

  • test cases and test procedure development
  • gathering requirements into effectively structured repositories
  • generation of comprehensive traceability matrices 
  • audit-ready documentation of configuration control policies
  • high level test plan strategy development
  • generation of audit-ready software development plan 
  • software test execution and static analysis
  • certification documentation support 

Formal Methods Expertise

Formal Methods allows creation of debuggable designs. You create a specification of your system along with properties you want it to have, and you can then directly test the design without having to implement it (write the code) and see if there are issues with your design. That represents a proactive approach to software validation, where quality is built in from the start instead of weeded out at the end.

Formal Methods lets us reason about systems too complex to fully understand intuitively. These methods produce automated machine-verified mathematical proofs for properties of a system. While such high degrees of assurance may not be necessary for systems where occasional failures are acceptable, when software performance is of extreme importance (safety critical systems) Formal Methods can help deliver the safety-critical performance you need.

Formal Methods can save you money by finding complex bugs in complex systems. The more complex the system, the more likely it is that a bug will slip past your more conventional software testing methods. Since Formal Methods works at a higher level of design, an hour of modeling can catch issues that days of testing can miss.

Hybrid Collaboration

At Evotronix we believe that strong collaboration throughout the entire software validation & verification process is beneficial and provides a solid foundation for a lasting partnership. We also believe in proactively working to support and enhance clients’ software validation & verification skill sets by helping identify opportunities for value-added knowledge transfer and providing continuous training support. 

In addition to specifying software validation and testing strategies, technologies, and other methods to ensure high software quality, our engineers can also be collaboratively involved in the day-to-day work of your software validation & verification team. They can participate in your daily stand-up meetings, agile scrum sessions and provide regular onsite presence and support. In other words, we can offer a hybrid collaboration model of being strategically integrated into your development team on your end, while drawing from a vast pool of talent on our end.

Why Evotronix?

Evotronix was founded on the principle that building lasting partnerships with our clients is the best way to ensure your success in measurable ways. We believe in working together to create actionable and sustainable strategies based on your business goals, to help you tap into new growth opportunities and provide you the tools, methodologies, and capabilities for enduring success.