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Technical Project Management

We have seasoned, experienced, PMP certified technical project managers. Use Evotronix when you want your technical project done right, on time, and within budget. We work with you from the beginning to properly plan and scope your project, then use proven methods to execute, monitor and make adjustments each step along the way to help ensure your project yields positive returns on investment for your business.


Having a competent project management function is the foundation of a successful project. Evotronix is highly capable and efficient in setting up coherent teams. We identify a best-practices sequence of steps including a project initiation process, a design process, a project execution process, project monitoring and controlling process, and finally, a project completion process. This industry standard approach will guarantee your project a smooth transition between project stages. 

Our project managers are PMP certified, and when we take on a technical project management assignment for your company, our focus is on ensuring the following project aspects are adequately accounted for and well-managed

  • time management
  • cost constraints
  • scope definition
  • task assignment
  • performance management
  • people management 
  • quality control
  • risk assessment
  • recovery path planning


Early in your technical project, Evotronix will identify the critical path. We would document a list of activities required to complete your project, the time that each activity would take to complete and the dependencies between the activities. By applying mathematically based algorithms for scheduling a set of project activities, we would establish the starting and ending times for each activity, and determine which activities are critical to the completion of a project. 

Evotronix can also manage your development team by defining scope definitions and assigning tasks. Quality control would be a core part of the technical project management services that we provide. Should unexpected changes or scenarios present themselves, Evotronics is skilled at crafting recovery plans to get your project back on track.


Evotronix will work with you to ensure that your development team has the infrastructure, knowledge, and tools needed to design the best products possible for your company.  From coding standards implementation, software development methodologies, tools consulting and training, static analysis tool setup, and implementing industry best practices for embedded systems design into your process, your will be able to efficiently increase the quality and reliability of your systems, and create higher quality, safer, and more secure products.  

Process improvement services include:

  • Coding Standard Compliance (including MISRA C / Embedded C Coding Standards)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Agile Methodology
  • Hybrid Spiral/Waterfall Methodology
  • Static Analysis Tools Setup/Implementation

Why Evotronix?

Evotronix was founded on the principle that building lasting partnerships with our clients is the best way to ensure your success in measurable ways. We believe in working together to create actionable and sustainable strategies based on your business goals, to help you tap into new growth opportunities and provide you the tools, methodologies, and capabilities for enduring success.